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What do you get when you combine a world class chef with an incredible entrepreneur? An energetic and lively man known to the world as Chef Pascal! Born in Chartres, a small town just south of Paris, Chef Pascal began cooking at a very young age. Neither of his parents were cooks so the cooking was a shared effort in his modest family. By the age of twelve, Chef Pascal was responsible for crepe Suzettes on Sundays and by fifteen, his mother would have him cook for the family's guest. Pascal didn't mind though, his cooking passion was already setting in.

At the age of eighteen, Pascal had already earned his first diploma for chartcutier, which refers to sauces, quiches, pates and other common French recipes. Later he went on to earn a degree from CEPROC, an acronym for a well known charcutier school in Paris. By the age of twenty six, Pascal was ready for something more, his desire to travel got the best of him and he headed to the United States, South Florida to be exact.

Years later he met his wife Sharon, whom according to Chef Pascal had "only frozen dinners" in her freezer when he met her. Little did she know that her idea of good food was about to change. In true French fashion Pascal won her heart and with the help of his delicious meals a marriage was made in the kitchen. It was Sharon who finally convinced Pascal to market his sauces for "they were far too good to keep secret". It was during this time that he truly let his marinades gain momentum. As a member of the National Association for Specialty Food Trade, Pascal's interests and talents are taking him around the globe. Presently the Chef Pascal line includes marinade sauces which are low in sodium and made with all natural ingredients. They are gluten free and contain no MSG.

chef pascal

Lucky for Pascal, Sharon shares his desire to see the world. Summers are reserved for traveling the globe from the Caribbean to Nepal to France to the United States. Pascal says that traveling serves as a teacher, and a great opportunity to learn and to "pick up new ideas". Both he and Sharon often visit Paris where most of it began; it is important for Pascal to share his surroundings with Sharon and to reconnect with the flavors that first inspired him. And for our sake we hope that Pascal continues to be inspired.

Chef Pascal has a cookbook in the works. It is delightfully entitled "Cooking For Your Wife" and Chef Pascal gives us an opportunity to learn and create some of his most personal recipes. After all they helped to win Sharon, just imagine the possibilities.

Chef Pascal has been featured as a guest chef on the Radisson and Crystal cruise lines. Why not join him on a Culinary and Wine Tasting cruise to the Caribbean and enjoy exquisite food, incredible wines, fabulous company and gorgeous scenery?

Try Chef Pascal's newest creation today - Curry & Lemon Grass Sauce, a mild curry. Prepare your favorite Indian dish with a new flair, or use one of Chef Pascal's delicious and unbelievably simple recipes.

Bon Appetit!

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